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    Rental Forms  

Privacy Notice

Personal information on these forms is collected pursuant to the Rental of Residential Property Act and the Rental of Residential Property Act Regulations and will be used by the Director in the administration of the said Act. Personal information is protected under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.


Form Number Name
Form 1 Standard Form of Rental Agreement
Form 2 Application for Enforcement of Statutory or Other Conditions of Rental Agreement   (Version française)
Form 3 Notice of Termination by Lessee of Rental Agreement
Form 4 Notice of Termination by Lessor of Rental Agreement
Form 5 Application by Lessor for Earlier Termination
Form 6 Application by Lessee to Set Aside Notice of Termination
Form 8 Notice of Intention to Retain Security Deposit
Form 9 Application Re Determination of Security Deposit
Form 10 Notice of Increase in Rent of Residential Premises
Form 11 Notice of Increase in Rent of Residential Premises Which are Exempted from Sections 21 and 23 of the Act
Form 12 Application by Lessor for Approval of Rent Increase Exceeding Percentage Allowed by Regulation
Form 13 Application by Lessee for Review of Proposed Rent Increase
Form 15 Lessor's Statement of Income and Expenses
Form 16 Capital Expenditures Life Expectancy Chart
  Application by Lessor for an Order (persistently and/or habitually late in paying rent)
  Rented Unit Condition Report
  Notice of Appeal to IRAC

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